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I hate the...

2009-08-04 02:06:59 by SemperEnimVita

Audio Portal. It needs more variety in Genre's

I hate the...


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2009-08-04 03:32:03

dewd, there are like... 20 genres, and most music is labeled in about 10.

at least mainstream is...

oh well, stop complaining yah pussy

SemperEnimVita responds:

Example; There are over 100 genres of Metal. Just putting Heavy Metal in the portal won't do. In that one genre, there's every kind of metal from stuff like Amon Amarth Heavy Metal, to Bury Your Dead; a less heavy metal, to stuff like August Burns Red, a more progressive type metal. Get my point?


2009-08-05 10:11:53

your right! they need more metal sub genres like power metal,deathcore and lots more... :3


2009-08-17 03:10:34

You are absolutely right about this! Sometimes it's very hard to place a song under any genre on audio portal because the genre is always somewhere in between of the genres available on the list.


2010-03-01 06:37:01

I see what you mean, theres emo metal, regular heavy medal. etc.